Grow Your Business With Us!

SpaceTenantSq.Ft.Site Plan
A-1California Pizza Kitchen5,004
A2-4Mayweather Boxing & Fitness2,465
A-5Healthy Spot2,703
A-6Pacific Dental2,978
A7-A9Available (Divisible)6,225Plan Details
B-2Playa Amor Mexican Restaurant1,721
C-1Available1,000Plan Details
C-2Available1,000Plan Details
C-3Comerica Bank3,498
C-4Trader Joe’s11,411
C5-C6Veggie Grill2,521
C7-C8Row House2,090
C-9Available2,709Plan Details
C-10Wahoo’s Fish Taco2,326
E-1ANekter Juice Bar964
E-1BJersey Mikes970
E-1CAvailable – Former Bakery1,739Plan Details
E-2Available546Plan Details
E-3Blk Dot Coffee614
E-4The Mail Box800
E5-E6D’Aversa Salon3,400
E-7Long Beach Market Nails & Spa1,160
E-8Santuary Spa840
E-9Available1,194Plan Details
E-11F45 Training2,452
F-1LBS Financial2,820
F-2Available2,200Plan Details
F-3Available1,800Plan Details
G-1Corner Bakery3,180
G-2ASEV Laser1,261
G-2BMarina Endodontics1,525
G-3Available1,200Plan Details
H-1Purple Yoga2,400
H-2Available1,000Plan Details
H3-H4John Garey Fitness & Pilates2,400
H-5Available960Plan Details
H-6Available1,400Plan Details
H-7Available1,400Plan Details
H-8Available1,050Plan Details
H-9Nair Urgent Care2,195
H-10Available1,800Plan Details
H-11Nomad Chinese Bistro3,800
PAD1-AAvailable2,700Plan Details
PAD1-BAvailable2,600Plan Details
PAD1-CAvailable2,800Plan Details
PAD 2Available – Former Restaurant10,113Plan Details
PAD 3Claim Jumper11,630
PAD 4United Artists Theater20,032
PAD 5Ruby’s Diner6,370
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