Medical experts explained the attitude to sex in men of different ages

Unlike women, physiology plays a more significant role in men’s sexual life than the manifestations of feelings and the emotional component. However, medical experts from canadian online drugstore have found out that at different periods of life, men treat intimacy differently.

1. Men aged 25 – 30 years: peak sexual attraction.

Young people at this age are not particularly picky and actively change partners, and the number replaces them quality. This is a time of experimentation, novelty, experience, high-quality branded meds and strengthening of men’s self-esteem. To “hook up” a young man, pay as much attention as possible to spontaneity, mystery, surprise. Of course, it is necessary to master the “technical” skills – to learn to do erotic massage, to order ED pills, to master different techniques of intimate pleasures, including unusual (depending on personal preferences).

2. Men aged 30-45: it’s time for mindfulness.

The unity of life’s goals and priorities, not sexual life, comes to the fore. Men appreciate the intellectual potential and ability to wear not only a short skirt but also an elegant business suit. It is important to become not only attractive but also sincere. On a physical level, a man wants a woman to take care of him. Try to be a friend to a man. Do not remake it, and understand and accept all the advantages and disadvantages of its character. At this time, usually, a man already understands what he wants from life, and from a woman. You just have to hear and give it what you need. Only without suffering and manipulation – because at a long distance to deceive and play along hard.

3. Men after 45.

After 45, sexual functions in a man begins to fade away. It is necessary to create the most favorable conditions for sexual life. So that no one would distract, it is necessary to try to maintain the overall health of the man at the level because, in cases of sicknesses, sexual function loses its relevance.

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